Plants & Leaves: Decorative Antique Lithographs

Plants and leaves were illustrated by means of lithography during the 1800’s.  The lifelike illustrations provided detailed pictures of species that were newly crossbred, identified, cultivated for sale. As well as winners of gardening and horticultural competitions.

Antique Lithographs of Plants & Leaves by Linden

This collection of antique prints of plants, leaves and foliage are Belgian and were published from 1869-1896.  They are hand finished color lithographs. Each piece is small folio and measure about 10 1/2 x 14″. Intense strong lithography in gorgeous condition but do note some of them were center folds, as issued in magazine. Each print can be matted up in perfect proportion to 16×20″. Your choice $85. each, or 3 or more $75. each. Call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Decorative & Beautiful Antique Lithographs

This collection of antique plant prints are domestic varieties while others are tropical species. Some of the prints are close ups of leaves while others show the entire specimen. We are pleased to offer these antique hand finished color lithographs of plants from the 1800’s. Published as magazines for people to learn about plants being discovered, cultivated and even available for sale from nurseries around the world.

Imagine the skill it required to publish these antique lithographs…

Each of these antique prints are hand finished color lithographs from the 1800’s. As with all the prints sold at Anne Hall Antique Prints, almost everything dates from the late fifteen hundreds to about nineteen hundred. Almost everything is over 100 years old. These antique lithographs are a product of the incredible work of nineteenth century lithographers and printers. Printed from key stoned limestone plates for each and every color seen, known as lithographs, followed by hand finishing with watercolors.

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