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Foreign Views of China by Thomas Allom, Italy by Luigi Rossini, Scandanavia by Colonel Dahlberg, and rare engravings of Bavarian Castles from the early 1700’s. Enjoy my online gallery of antique prints.  Call us at 413-245-4197  because we would like to help you!

Foreign Views of Life in China by Thomas Allom, 1855.

These rare hand colored steel engravings of Life in China during the mid 1800’s are by Thomas Allom. These views were produced in 1855. The original art work was transferred onto a steel plate, meticulously engraved with engravers tools called burins.  This type of engraving could produce excellent detail.  The time involved in creating an engraving was countless.  Finally, the steel plate was inked up. Then carefully pressed, stamped, or printed onto a sheet of high quality woven rag paper. Antique Chinoiserie Prints from Anne Hall Antique Prints.  These rare engravings of Life in China, measure @ 8×11″   $150. each.   Call now 413-245-4197


Foreign Views Allom’s China, difficult to find yet these are specially priced at $135. each. These old hand colored steel engravings of China are the illustrations of Thomas Allom. They are antiques, produced in the mid 19th Century, and very close to 1855.  The original illustrations or art work of Allom’s was transferred onto a specially prepared steel plate followed by meticulous engraving. Tremendous detail was the end result.  Steel has such a hard surface, on a sheet or plate of steel,  the engraver’s detail could be extremely fine. Almost like a black and white photo. With the effect of shading produced through technique in engraving on steel.  The plate was inked up carefully and printed onto a sheet of high quality woven rag paper.  The water colors in these Antique Chinoiserie Prints was professionally added.  Each old Chinese print measures @8×11″ $135 each. Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views: Germany.  Werning’s Bavarian Engravings Dating to 1703:

Decorative Views of Bavaria. Date 1703.  Rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag paper.   Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views – by Luigi Rossini of Ancient Rome, Italy circa 1820

Luigi Rossini lived 1790-1857. A fabulous contributor to historic Rome! Luigi Rossini was born in Ravenna, Italy and he studied at the Academy of Bologna.  Graduated in 1813 as an Architect & Artist.  He was particularly interested in Classical Architecture of Rome and included the countryside of Roma.  Luigi Rossini’s Ancient Roman views have influenced Classic architecture throughout the globe. Many images of Rome published in the early 1820’s.  These are impressionable:  1.  because of the size and 2. because of the incredible contrasting colors.  These compelling foreign views of early 19th Century Rome, are known to be some of the most impressive artwork ever published on the world scenery.  They are very large, copper plate engravings, on hand made paper, with deep dark etching.   Each is an excellent, strong strike from the copper plate which was so carefully made.  Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views. Hand Colored Engravings. Michael Werning’s Bavaria, 1703:

Michael Wening’s Decorative Views of Bavaria Date to 1703!  These are very rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag with outstanding hand coloring.   A decorative crest and ribbon adorn each Castle.  Each is in vivid and bright pristine condition.  $350. each.    Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views:  English Manner Homes.  Small Antique Castle Chromolithographs Dating to 1880:

Foreign Views of old Sweden, now Scandanavia by Colonel Dahlberg. 1697-1713.

These Decorative Scandanavian Views were published from 1697-1713.  Colonel Dahlberg illustrated views around Sweden which included much of today’s Scandanavia. Many of the estates depicted in these old illustrations still exist today. The perspectives are unique, giving the viewer insight as to construction and enormity of estates. These are rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag with water coloring. The paper measures about 14 x 18″ and the prints are in very good condition. Click here to contact us.

Decorative Foreign Views of Scandanavia by Colonel Dahlberg without water colours.

Dahlberg’s Decorative Views were published from 1697 to 1713.  Colonel Dahlberg illustrated views around Scandinavia. Many of the estates depicted in these old illustrations still exist today. The perspectives are unique, giving the viewer insight as to construction and enormity of estates. These are rare copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag. The paper measures about 14 x 18″ and the prints are in very good condition.   Click here to contact us.

Rossini’s Rome Huge & Decorative Foreign Views of Italy in the Early 1800’s.

Rossini’s Views of Roma, Rome, Italy are large and EXTREMLEY DECORATIVE OLD ETCHINGS published during the early 19th Century.  They are some of the most impressive artwork from the early 1800’s of Italy. The perspectives are compelling. These are very large copper plate engravings with deep dark etching, printed onto beautifully crafted hand made rag.   The following have had water colors added.    Click here to contact us.

Foreign Views: Roman Engravings by Luigi Rossini, Scandanavia Castles by Colonel Dahlberg, and Bavarian Castles by Werning. These antique decorative views are old foreign views by Thomas Allom, Colonel Dahlberg, Rossini, and other early decorative illustrators and architects. The sizes range from the huge antique copper plate engravings with etchings of Rome by Rossini published during the 1820’s to small estate chromolithographs of Great Britain.  We also sell small and rare Chinoiserie prints by Thomas Allom from 1855.  Life in China during the 1850’s.  Michael Werning’s views of Bavaria from the early 1700’s. Colonel Dahlberg’s rare views of Scandinavia from 1697-1713. His is a rare and fantastic work on Scandinavian monumental estates c.1700 by Dahlberg and Bavarian views by Werning with crests and ribbons that are superbly decorative. The Dahlberg and Werning views are hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid linen rag.  Dahlberg’s Architecture around Scandanavia from c.1690-1713 is considered the rarest produced on Sweden. Vintage prints of places in foreign lands, architectural subjects. Old architectural engravings and lithographs produced 1640-1900.

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Kips Views Great Britain! Classic decorative hand colored engravings from 1708. Johannes Kips illustrations depict the enormous and elaborate seats of noblemen and clergy of Great Britain.  

These highly decorative 18th Century illustrations feature intricate details of the finest homes in Great Britain.  Ribbons and coats of arms add to the decorative nature of the scenes. The fabulous old prints are highly regarded in the rare print world as well as the design community. The copper plate engravings by Kip were incredibly detailed for the time. The old scenes of manor homes of nobility around Great Britain were the first of their kind. These are highly decorative antiques from Britain. These are extremely good strikes. The copper plate engravings were printed onto fine hand made hand laid linen rag. The illustrations were delineated and engraved by Dutchman Johannes Kip and date to 1708. The water colors have been professionally added to perfection.

Each piece measures 15×18″ and are priced at $550. each.   Click here to contact us.

A laborious craft of all those involved in producing something like these 18th Century Kips Views Great Britain. First for all the craftsmen involved, someone had to sell the commission. A published had to acquire the work for his firm. He had to win the job, and it came only through experience in publishing a magnificent books. Second the illustrations had to be meticulously drawn, with the best accuracy. The image would be transferred onto a copper plate and engraved with burins. The paper was hard to acquire, and the engraver would have to re engrave another plate after just 300 strikes. The water colorists would die at young ages, due to licking tips of their paint brushes. Yet these old prints still exist in super fine condition and exemplary condition. That is mostly due to the quality of the rag paper. Paper was made of rag right up through the turn of the 20th Century. Coming from linen, flax, etc, NOT TREES, there was no acid in the paper. Very expensive to acquire, inconsistent, etc. TODAY Paper is made from trees, and was during the 20th Century, is highly acidic and does not last for long.


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