American Indian Antique Lithographs-Engravings.

American Indian Antique Lithographs. Folio McKenney Hall, Tribes of North America. Ki-On-Twog-ky or Corn Planter. Southwest & Old West. Katchinas, Baskets, Pottery. Our decorative antique prints, are over 100 years old.

American-Indian Antique Lithographs: Folio McKenney Halls

Many of our American-Indian antique lithographs, are 19th century depictions, of tribal chiefs who went to Washington DC for peace talks. The portraits were to be painted but not to be produced as book-plates. Or so the Federal Government said. So, one by one, the paintings were snuck out of the archives, and these beautiful hand colored lithographs were produced. Shortly after the original paintings were lost in the Smithsonian fire.   Each of these beautiful antique lithographs, from McKenney Hall’s Tribes of North America, measure 14 1/2 x 19.”   Inquiries: call 413-245-4197 or Click here to contact us.

These lovely American Indian Antique Lithographs are the work of Thomas McKenney and James Hall. Coming from the books entitled: History of the Indian Tribes of North America.  Magnificent, folio sized, 19th Century books were published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1837 to 1844.  All of the text was written by James Hall.  His partner was Thomas McKenney who commissioned the painters to execute the chiefs portraits in oils.

Octavo McKenney-Halls, sourced from Indian Tribes of North America, Philadelphia 1854-1855.

Original antique lithographs, 1st edition, octavo, McKenney & Hall, History of the Indian Tribes of North America. The books published Philadelphia 1854-1855, by D. Rice and A.N. Hart. Printed and colored by J.T. Bowen. The hand-colored lithographs recorded the oils of Charles Bird King. First printed in the large folio. Then about 20 years later, a more affordable, smaller edition published. Each piece is an important piece of American history. These American Indian antique lithographs measure 7×10 1/2″. Call 413-245-4197 to place your order.

Octavo McKenney-Halls, sourced from Indian Tribes of North America, Philadelphia 1865-1870

These 2nd edition octavo McKenney Hall Indians, are hand-colored lithographs which published Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from 1865-1870. Published by Rice, Ritter & Co. Publishers. Each print has a “No.” and the plate number in the lower left. Good condition and colors. Each piece measures 6 3/4 x 10 1/4″.

“Burning Arrow” is an Epic Western Scene, a Color-Lithograph from 1904.

“Burning Arrow” is one of the most beautiful American-Indian antique lithographs, ever published. Published 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts by one of America’s finest lithographers, Tabor Prang Art Company. Each any every color was applied individual keystone lime stone plate. Beautiful strong colors in the lithography. Some wear, on mid to lower left side. 18 1/2 x 27″. $2200.

"Burning Arrow" published 1904 in Springfield, Massachusetts by one of America's finest lithographers, Tabor Prang Art Company.
“Burning Arrow” is one of the most beautiful American Indian Antique Lithographs ever published.

American Indian Antique Lithographs of Pottery Published 1901

Antique American Indian Art Pottery chromolithographs produced in 1901 for the National Museum. These are all pots made by Arizona Indian tribes. These wonderful old lithographs are in excellent condition. They measure 5 1/2 x 9″ and are $85. each. Click here to contact us.

American Indian | Art Pottery Bowls: c.1900 Bureau of Ethnology Chromolithographs

Old American Indian Art, in the form of bookplates.  The antique lithographs, of Native American pottery, published circa 1900 by the United States Bureau of American Ethnology. Each of the antique prints, measure 7 1/2 x 11″.  Guaranteed over 100 years old.  $85. each or three or more for $75. each. Click here to contact us.

American Indian: Head Dresses, Katchinas, Ceremonies. Antique Chromolithographs over 100 years old.

American Indian head dresses and katchinas from the BAE. Chromolithographs produced for the US Bureau of American Ethnology. Produced c.1900, each antique lithograph measures 7 1/2 x 11″ and are priced $85. each or $65. each if you order 3 or more. American Indian antique lithographs of head dresses and katchinas from the US Bureau of American Ethnology reports published c.1900. Click here to contact us or call to place your order: 413-245-4197.

American Indian Antique Lithographs of Hopi Baskets, from 1902.

Find historic bookplates which documented Hopi baskets. This collection of baskets pertain to tribes located in the south western part of America. The plates printed in colors from limestone plates in 1902, in the lost art of color lithography or “chromolithography.” Shop for Hopi and other tribal American Indian antique lithographs. Each piece measure 5 1/2 x 9″ and are priced at $60. each. Place your order by calling 413-245-4197 or Click here to email us.

Native American Indian antique lithographs and engravings. Original pieces which date over 100 years of age. Own a piece of historic antique artwork and something that is pertinent to Early American. Indian and Western antique prints of subjects including Katchinas, Pottery & Basket prints. Our antique prints are all very old hand colored engravings & antique lithographs that were produced over 100 years ago. Early American scenes of the frontier and the Old West. Antique prints illustrations of American Indian katchinas, head dresses, pottery, kivas, ceremonies, cowboy sheet music and more… Antique Prints of American Indians and Southwest American Indian Pottery and Baskets. Old engravings produced for early illustrated newspapers such as Harper’s Weekly & more!

Washington DC, District of Columbia & Legal – Anne Hall Antique Prints

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