Find New York City maps & historic antique engravings of Manhattan, the Hudson River, NYC Central Park, NYSE, New York Stock Exchange & Wall Street at Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Historic Antique Prints & Maps of Manhattan & NY State

New additions of antique New York prints and maps from our show collection! Here’s some of the best antique lithographs and engravings on West Point and Niagara Falls. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 for personalized service and to place your order, or email

New York City: Historic Hand Colored Engravings of NYC & Central Park

New York City Historic Scenes: over sized fold outs which came from early illustrated newspapers.   These are hand colored engravings in good to excellent condition.  Some have center fold repairs.  Professional water coloring has been added to these historic antique wood engravings. Measurements of the prints themselves are close to 16 x 22″ Call 413-245-4197 or email

NY105 The Election Returns from Harper’s Weekly 1884 $200. Click Here to Buy Now.

New York City Historic Antique Prints of NYCE, New York Stock Exchange.

Antique prints printed from wood engravings were the rage in 19th Century newspapers and periodicals.  Pictures had to be engraved which were easily understood by the reader.  Which created more demand for current news.  Mostly offered weekly from a newsboy or news stand or by subscription.  Professionally hand colored within the last 50 years.   All  of these old New York scenes are full page scenes from Illustrated newspapers including Harper’s Weekly Leslie’s Weekly etc. Each piece measures @ 11×16″  with good condition and color. Call Anne at 413-245-4197 or email:

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New York City and NY State:   Historic 19th Century Antique Maps

New York City & NY State.  Original antique engravings and lithographs.

Manhattan!  NYC!  New York City!  The New York Stock Exchange! NYSE!  Wall Street!  These are hand colored steel plate engravings on rag paper from the 1800’s.  Sizes range from 8×11″ to 9.5 x 12.5″.  Excellent condition, bright colors.  Call 413-245-4197 or email

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We have the best old engravings and antique lithographs at Anne Hall Antique Prints. These old prints of New York were published for various periodicals during the 1800’s. The Manhattan history is very fascinating as you can see from the images seen here. Fascinating pictures and stories about Wall Street circulated the United States, and some went to London. Once in a while the English sent their reporters and illustrators to stir the news about current events. Important illustrations regarding New York City history are these very images. Scenes of NYC during the 1800’s were captured by Harper’s Weekly, Ballou’s Pictorial, and the Illustrated London News. Bartlett did wonderful engravings of the Hudson River and New York City.

At Anne Hall Antique Prints feel assured that you are purchasing only authentic antiques that were produced more than 100 years ago! We have great old New York City material but my father has heaps more. This is just a sampling. We are offering old views & maps of Manhattan, the NYSE, Wall Street and other iconic landmarks. All original old prints published in the 1800’s! Old pictures, or scenes were printed from a variety of engravings from steel or boxwood mostly, sometimes a stone called lithographs. They look almost like photographs in quality, partly due to the painstaking task of the extremely detailed engraving crafted onto steel plates. ALSO… We are offering old prints and maps of West Point, New York City parks, museums and libraries. Antique prints of New York City old maps of Manhattan. These antiques make great office art and smoking room artwork for beginners and seasoned collectors alike!

Beatrix Farrand Made American History in Manhattan’s Central Park!

In this Beatrix Farrand Tribute we can celebrate a woman that made American history in landscape design. Very few people realize how important she was. She is a world rknown Author & Landscape Historian, Judith Tankard, I recommend this short 8 minute film Judith co-authored on the First American Woman Landscape Designer, Beatrix Farrand.