Jan 122015
1869-1896 Belgian Lithograph of Azalea

Azaleas Rhododendrons, Old Lithographs, Small Folio

Azaleas  Rhododendrons! These are old botanical prints and do not require watering!  These large floral illustrations of Azaleas Rhododendrons are hand finished chromolithographs, produced in Belgium from 1845 to 1896.  Each color was applied with individual limestone plates, followed by water color finishing by hand.  They are the work of Van Houtteano and Linden,  Belgian nurserymen purveyors during the 1800’s. They measure 10×13″ and 10×14″  They frame beautifully to 16×20″ Click here to contact us.

Azaleas  Rhododendrons!  Old Flower Prints to complete your home décor!  We are pleased to offer these old lithographs of Azaleas Rhododendrons. Published during the 1800’s!  They are antique botany prints published for botanical magazines and nursery catalogs.  They are authentic old prints,  we have no reproductions.  The colors range from intense colors to subtle whites.  These are old flower & botany prints of azalea &  rhododendron varieties… Our antique rhododendron prints and antique azalea prints are so bright and colorful, they will be a focal point of any room.  In real life, they are some of the most fanciful flowers created.  Rest assured: Anne Hall Antique Prints sells only authentic antique prints:  engravings & lithographs that are over 100 years old.  That’s our specialty. 


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