Azaleas-Rhododendrons Antique Lithographs in Vibrant Colors

Collections of Azaleas-Rhododendrons antique lithographs. Our antique prints are over 100 years old. Decorate with 19th Century antique artwork with flowers of genus Rhododendron. Create an environment that reflects your interest in gardening.

Spectacular Coral or Salmon Colored Antique Lithographs of Azaleas-Rhododendrons

Perhaps you know that all azaleas are rhododendrons. Imagine this trio of antique lithographs on your wall. Printed from limestone plates, nothing compares to the 19th century art. The pieces are about 150 years old. Published in Belgium for Van Houtteano’s Flore des Serres. The gardening catalogue ran 1845-1888. Spectacular hand finishing makes the flowers come to life and practically jump off the page. Each piece measures 10×13″.  Frame to 16×20.  The set of three is sold as a trio for $900. Call to place your order 413-245-4197.

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Incredible Antique Lithographs-Azaleas in Pink and White

These antique Azalea lithographs were depictions used in catalogues for the largest nursery on the continent during the mid to late 19th Century.  The nurseries were located in Belgium, publishing catalogues with it’s own lithography company in from 1845 to 1888.  Some are from L’Illustration Horticole while others are from Flore des Serres. Each piece measures @10×13″ and should be matted large, up to 16×20″ and should be framed with conservation materials.  Call Anne to discuss your project at 413-245-4197.

Azaleas-Rhododendrons Antique Lithographs from 1845-1896

You found our fabulous collection of azaleas-rhododendrons antique lithographs. These azalea date mid 19th Century from 1845-1896. Exquisite and STUNNING in color and condition. In the antique printing method called chromolithography, every color was applied with an individual limestone plate. A special kind of limestone came out of a certain part of Germany. The limestone had the right porosity to create a lithograph. The process is similar to silk screening today. After each color was applied meticulously by lithographer, the image was finished by hand with gum Arabic, almuben, and/or watercolors.

The artwork is exemplary of Belgian botanical illustrations published during this time period of mid to late 1800’s. Some of the azaleas-rhododendrons antique lithographs have issue folds because the image was the centerfold in the catalogue. Each antique print measures about 9 1/2″ x 12 1/4″ and will matt up perfectly to 14 x 18″ and 16 x 20″

Lithography was an antique printing method popular in the 1830’s through 1900.

Lithography is an antique printing method. Generally a lithograph was printed in one color. A type of greasy crayon was used to draw onto a special type of limestone, with just the right porosity. After the image was completed, the limestone was emerged into nitric acid, burning away what was not under the greasy crayon, leaving that portion in relief. It was inked up and printed. The image frequently was illuminated with water colors.

Chromolithography is an antique printing method whereas each color was printed from a key stoned limestone plate. An extended version of lithography, quite laborious requiring a very skilled craftsman to get the registration just right and not distorted. Botanical illustrations done this way were frequently hand finished with water colors and almubin, egg whites or gum Arabic to enhance the image.

Antique Lithographs of Azaleas- Rhododendrons will enhance your décor!

We are pleased to offer the above collection of old lithographs of this special flower. Azaleas-Rhododendrons Antique Lithographs will enhance your home’s décor! They are antique botany prints that were published for 19th Century botanical magazines and nursery catalogs.  They are authentic old prints,  we have no reproductions.  The colors range from intense coral or salmon, deep velvet like purple to subtle whites.  Old flower & botany prints of azalea rhododendron varieties. So bright and colorful, they will enhance the décor of any room.  In real life, they are some of the most fanciful flowers created.

Anne Hall Antique Prints sells only authentic antique prints: hand colored engravings & antique lithographs that are over 100 years old.  I hope you have enjoyed viewing my collection of azaleas rhododendrons. If you like these colors, perhaps you will view Camellias Rare Antique Lithographs: Shop a unique collection (

Learn More About Azaleas-Rhodendrons:

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