Misc Aquatic Marine Life-Lobsters, Crabs & Corals

A pair of c.1900 framed Sherman Foote Denton Lobster lithographs in burl frames.

Sea Shells: Original lithographs & hand-colored shell engravings

All of our antique lithographs & hand colored shell engravings are over 100 years old. Knorr, Lamarck, Seba, Gualtieri & Nodder. Framed pieces & more.

Whales: Historic Antique Lithographs, Engravings on Whaling

Mankind was in pursuit of whale oil in order for London to keeps it’s streets lit. That ended when people started drilling for oil and developed kerosene. Fortunately, whales and whaling history received a lot of attention in the seventeen, eighteen and nineteen hundreds.

Trout Salmon Antique Lithographs by Sherman Denton, Bloch Engravings

Desirable décor for a sport fisherman. Genuine and over 100 years old, these antique fish prints are timeless.