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Visit Anne Hall Antique Prints Gallery in person, see our old maps! Located on Bowens Wharf Newport RI. We focus on nature and history. Most of our, engravings and lithographs are antiques, or over 100 years old. Shopping in our historic building, a c.1760 colonial wharf warehouse, makes your Newport experience, one of the more unique.


  • During the season we are normally open daily, 10-5
  • During the off season, we are normally open Friday-Monday 10-5.

Off season hours vary: Oct 1 – May 14. To make an appointment while you are visiting, Newport Rhode Island, call 413-245-4197. Here is a list of additional events we do: Antiques Shows and Other Events | Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Our Antique Prints & Maps Galley is within feet of The Anchor of Newport Rhode Island ( We are in the yellow building upstairs, Cowley’s Wharf Warehouse, but the entrance is tricky, you must enter through the brick building. The staircase is through the blue doors between the Scrimshaw Shop and Anchor Toffee.

In Newport RI, you will find exquisite collections of printed antiques, at Anne Hall Antique Prints.

Visit our Antique Prints & Maps Gallery! We are striving to be one of the best, antiques galleries in Newport Rhode Island. You will learn as you shop for decorative antique prints. Our unique collections of old maps, and nature-based engravings lithographs, are worth the trip upstairs on Bowens Wharf.

Of all the Newport RI Art Galleries, we have one very different from others. See for yourself by visiting our Antique Prints Gallery. It is filled with a world-class inventory, of decorative antique prints. We specialize in nature and history, selling original engravings & lithographs, rare maps, charts. Almost all of our antique prints are over 100 years old. Some of our prints are really old and date from the 17th century.

Moreover, when you enter our Newport Art Gallery, you are walking into history. Cowley’s Wharf Warehouse is one of 2 original buildings which exist on the wharf today. The building is nearly 260 years old and part of Colonial America, let alone Newport’s. Read more: Wharf History – Bowen’s Wharf Newport Rhode Island (

Our art gallery is home to a very large freight elevator. Used as a warehouse from the mid 18th century, the elevator was state of the art. 100 pounds of weight would leverage and lift 1000 pounds. The combination of historic building, beautiful prints, and an interesting entrance, makes it one of best. Newport RI Art Galleries to see!

One of the best art galleries Newport RI is a little antiques shop, located on Bowens Wharf.
Enter upstairs through #10, between Scrimshaw & Anchor Candy.

Are you looking for something fun to do while you’re visiting Newport? The must-see destination is Bowens Wharf. It is a mecca of restaurants. As well as home to some of the best shopping in all of Newport. On Bowens Wharf, visit the Pilot House, it is a Newport visitors information booth.

Once you find the Anchor of Newport, Look for our signs and arrows. Our shop at 12 Bowen’s Wharf. Because the entrance to our Newport RI Art Gallery is through another building, it can be tricky to find. Yet finding our 1760 showroom is fun in itself.

The staircase to the Antique Prints Gallery is through the blue doors between Scrimshaw & Anchor Toffee.

Enter the brick building, to the right of the Newport Scrimshanders – Bowen’s Wharf – Newport Rhode Island ( To the left of Anchor Toffee. Go up the stairs, where the double doors & blue awning is, marked “Oyster Harbors Marine.” Then turn left and walk into our art gallery, in a 260-year-old building. Worth every step, our Antique Prints Gallery, will be a fun experience while visiting Newport! You can even find old maps of your state here.

Striving to be one of the best, Newport RI Galleries

After participating in over 15oo shows across America over 30 years, we are excited to have this brick & mortar to show off our great collections! Now 12 Bowen’s Wharf, in historic Newport, is home to our new, Antique Prints Gallery/showroom. We will strive to be an exceptional addition as a Newport RI Art Gallery. We hope to be a natural fit & quality of Bowen’s and Bannister’s Wharves. ***Do not miss.

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