I am striving to have, one of the best antiques shops & art galleries, on Aquidneck Island, Rhode Island. Thankfully I have Mark helping me in my new endeavor. After participating in about 1500 antiques shows around America over 30 years, we have opened our 1st storefront! 10 Bowen’s Wharf Newport RI. Newport RI Antique Prints Gallery on Bowen’s Wharf.

We are sharing our life passion over 30+ years with you.

Did you know this about us Anne Hall, is serious &, an amazing antique prints and rare maps dealer! This picture is of Anne, with her super store of old maps & prints, on Bowens Wharf Newport RI, in America.

More about us, at Anne Hall Antique Prints, Mark Brady my husband and I sell authentic antique prints via my website & at our storefront at 10 Bowen’s Wharf Newport RI. We are sharing our life passion over 30+ years with you.

Anne is a second-generation antique prints dealer. Mark has been in the business since 1985. He loves to share his wealth of knowledge in our field with our customers.  *** Please be kind & considerate while in our gallery.

Anne Hall & Mark Brady: “We live for nature!”

We have a passion for antique prints and nature… We do not take wildlife for granted; we look for it daily. Anne is the daughter of a mega-collector of old paper, it is only natural that Anne only wants to deal with what she likes, and that is a combination of nature & history. We both work diligently on our inventory. Our collections of engravings & lithographs are like none you’ve seen before. Anne is fascinated with nature, honors the amazing work of early naturalists and, tries to imagine what it was like capturing nature into history years ago.

We are the antique print dealers who specialize in authentic, very old, antique lithographs and hand-colored engravings of nature subjects!  We are in the business of buying and selling these old engravings and lithographs which were produced from 1640 through 1900, with a special focus on nature. The subject that awes us on a daily basis through history as well as real time. We have done over 1500 shows and events, all over America.  More about us…  Anne has had the privilege of visiting hundreds of galleries across America, over the years.

Mark and Anne, husband and wife team have over 50 years combined experience in the business! We are the pair of antique print dealers, known for having an outstanding variety of antique prints to select from, and for selling material that is, over 100-years-old. We have exhibited at over 1500 shows, all over America. In addition, Anne has personally visited hundreds of galleries across America, over the years. It is obvious when you meet us, our acquisitions have been made with a passion, unlike you have seen before. She is crazy for natural history, in the past and in the present.  See for yourself and look at my website.  Or even better make us part of your visit when you come to New England!

Anne Hall is Passionate About Ecology

“Nature is a passion for me. I encourage local support for the environment!”

Roger Swain speaks to Anne Hall about a similar interest, Harvard Forest. While Roger is a graduate of Harvard, he is known best for his PBS Television Show the Victory Garden. Anne is a graduate of the Keystone Project, a special conservation symposium held at Harvard Forest…

About Us: Anne Hall, is a second-generation, American antique prints dealer, and natural collector.

Anne Hallis a second-generation rare antique print dealer, the daughter of perhaps one of the most important rare antique print dealers in the world, Bill Hall, he and Kathleen Manning, are known historians and own Prints Old and Rare, and Manning’s Books and Prints, located in the beautiful ocean side and surf community of Pacifica, CA.  

Anne was taught at an early age about goal setting, collecting, and values of collecting by her father. Her father did not give Anne prints, but rather sell them to her at a very low price, after he had created an interest for them. He helped her learn to collect. This instilled the wonderful values of collecting. Growing up, she attended many postcard shows, rare book fairs and vintage paper shows.  She also worked in their old print business from time to time.  

Anne started collecting old postcards of Mackinac Island, Michigan.

A small Island in Northern Michigan without cars and was once the 2nd National Park in America.  Her collecting advanced: ephemera, books and maps of the beloved Island property her family owned for 27 years. Of special interest were town views, the ships which were connected to the home she grew up in, and the home itself.  

The collections grew! Women’s athletics, the Hopi tribe in Northern Arizona and other subjects. As for nature, that is her strongest point, bar-none.

“I have always been interested in the earth, I took many classes in geology, geography & the Hopi Tribe. It’s natural that I love photographing the moon and wildlife.”

We love bucolic New England & it’s history!

We love New England! Its geography is lovely, the little towns have interesting histories. We came to the world-famous Brimfield Antiques Shows first. And in 1998 we relocated from California to New England. The goal was to expand our business in the heart of the American antiques world. Anne Hall Antique Prints can be found at the Shelton Antiques Shows an amazing 6-day show held in the tiny town of Brimfield, Massachusetts, every May and September.  Learn more by seeing our Newport RI Gallery.   

Mark Brady has the same passion for antique prints as Anne Hall.

About Us: Mark Brady is brilliant when it comes to, American and world history. A native of California, he is also, a great chef and Mexican foodie.

Mark Brady has the same exact passion, for old rare antique prints, as Anne Hall.   Mark was born and raised in Santa Monica, California.  Shortly after moving to Northern California about 1980, he began working for Anne’s Father at Prints Old and Rare, then in San Francisco, learning many of the important details in how small businesses runs and training extensively in geography and American history. 

A photo of Mark Brady of Anne Hall Antique Prints at a show in Newport Flower Show RI.  With a beautiful display of antique lithographs & engravings.
Newport Flower Show 2010

Mark Brady is a walking and talking historian and brilliant whiz when it comes to rare antique prints, antique lithographs and hand-colored engravings.  He is an expert on rare maps and many other subjects.  When Mark Brady and Anne Hall started their own rare antique print business in 1990, they were off to a great start due to the great educations and experiences from Anne’s father and Bill, and Kathleen as a mentor. 

Purists:  Our antique lithographs and hand-colored engravings were produced 100 to 350 years ago.

More about us: Anne Hall and Mark Brady…  We are purists in the antiques world.  We specialize in antique printing methods employed prior to 1900, before photo mechanical printing began. We sell antiques, which means they are over 100 years of age.

In lithography, first the original illustration was transferred onto a lithograph or a special limestone slab. The image was drawn with a kind of greasy pencil, emerged into nitric acid, burning away what was not covered by the greasy pencil. Wiped clean and inked up. In the case of an engraving, the image was transferred onto a metal plate where a variety of engraving techniques were employed. These antique methods required hand made hand laid and chain linked paper.

Next the engravings (copper plate or steel plate) or lithographs, (sometimes multiple lithographs thus the term chromo lithography), were inked up and printed in their respective techniques. Many times colors were added with water colors by hand.  Our subjects are timeless.  We have old prints that can complete your room decor.

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