Lindenia Orchid Prints, Antique Lithographs by Jean Linden

The thrill of discovering new species of flowers & orchis was popular during the 1800’s. People educating themselves, read illustrated magazines and books.

Orchid Prints by Van Houtteano & Linden from 19th century botany subscriptions.

Orchid Prints by Van Houtteano & Linden published in 19th century botany subscriptions. These antique lithographs of orchids were featured in gardening magazines during the 1800’s. Louis Van Houtteano’s periodical publication entitled Flore des Serres (1845-1888), and competitors Jean Linden’s periodical entitled L’Illustration Horticole (1869-1896). Orchids Prints: Louis Van Houtteano – Flora des Serres 1845-1888 …