Aug 232016

Orchid prints… These are old lithographs of orchid species by Van Houtte & Linden. Old Flower Prints for Louis Van Houtteano’s famous periodical publication entitled Flore des Serres (1845-1888) and for competitor Jean Linden’s periodical entitled L’Illustration Horticole (1869-1896). These are lovely old hand finished color lithographs were published in Belgium from 1845-1896. It is said that Van Houtte had the largest nursery on the continent. Louis Van Houtte opened his own lithography firm in order to produce images of what was for sale in his nursery catalogs. Linden mearly was a copy cat, and not quite as good as Van Houtte. Yet they all work together beautifully. These old botanical prints of orchids have issue folds, so please inspect the photo carefully. Very good condition and color. Each old orchid print measures @ 9 1/2 x 13″ Click here to contact us.

The history of printing is a fascinating subject. People had life long trades of professional crafts during the 17th, 18th,and 19th Centuries. Paper making, hand made rag papers, wove rag papers, all employed prior to making paper from trees as we do today. Antique printing methods include copper plate engraving, steel plate engraving, wood engravings. Lithographs and chromolithographs. Illumination by Hand Coloring, using water colors, and printing in colors by limestone plates. That doesn’t even take into account obtaining or creating the illustrations, producing the documentation and text…

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Aug 232016

Lindenia Orchid Prints. Iconographie des Orchidees. Jean Linden Iconic Orchid Hunter!

Lindenia… HORIZONTALS…  These are hand finished color lithographs that are absolutely gorgeous! Each color seen was applied with a separate key stoned limestone plate called a lithograph.  These lithographs were printed in colors.  Each color used it’s own lithograph. This was a very laborious antique printing method. Then the chromolithograph was finished generally with water coloring, gum Arabic, or egg white (albumen).  The accentuations was all by hand. Each old print measures about 10 1/2 high x 13 1/2 wide.  Free US shipping on two or more!

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Lindenia Orchids, Orchis Antique Hand Finished Chromolithographs.

Lindenia Orchid Prints. VERTICALS. Published in Belgium c.1885 of varieties of orchids. These are hand finished color lithographs that are bold and clean. Each color seen was applied with key stoned limestone plates called lithographs. This was a very laborious antique printing method. Then finished generally with water coloring or gum Arabic, etc. accentuations by hand. Each old print measures about 10 1/2 wide x 13 1/2 high. Free US shipping on two or more. Click here to contact us.

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Published in Belgium c.1885 of varieties of orchids. The thrill of discovering new species of Orchis was extremely popular during the 1800’s. Of course most of the people learning about the new species didn’t discover them themselves.  Rather they discovered the botanical illustration published from the specimens themselves.  Publishers would record all the important information.  Subscribers were the recipients of the published data.  The orchid hunters included Jean Linden, who traveled to  South and Central America.  Linden also sold plants in his Luxemburg nursery.  Hunters gathered specimens. Brought them back to their country to cultivate.  Specimens were shown off in museum curiosities in cities around the world.  There were also many privately held collections. 

Aug 232016

Orchids!  Antique Lithographs from Warner’s Orchid Album, in Yellow & Orange!

These orchid prints are hand colored lithographs. Tropical orchid prints from c.1885. Stunning color and condition. Measure 9×12″ frame to 14×18 or 16×20 BEAUTIFULLY! Are you decorating a tropical home? Here we have orchids for tropical decorating.  Prices range $100.- $150. each. Click here to contact us.

Orchids: Antique Lithographs, Hand Colored in Pink & Purple!

Warner Orchids prints. More Tropical Orchid Prints in pinks & purples. Warner orchid prints. Hand colored lithographs of orchis varieties from c.1885. 9 1/2 x 12″ Your choice 200. for one or 165. each in sets. Click here to contact us.

Ochids from the  Warner Orchid Album. Get some Tropical flair for decorating purposes! Old orchid prints by Warner for his Orchid Album. Orchids!  Orchid life! These tropical flowers are old orchid prints.  Antique lithographs. There aren’t many sights I love more than to see a majestic orchid!  The orchid life was depicted by early orchid hunters, hence the production of these old lithographs of a wide range of varieties. Get a great tropical look with these great antique botanical prints! Vintage art…Different. Old lithographs engravings of lady slipper orchids, other tropical orchids by Warner. Get great tropical décor with vintage art.

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