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Owls by Reverend F.O. Morris! Find the antique owl print you are looking for. 

How were these antique owl prints produced?

FIRST… The original illustrations were transferred onto boxwood plates. Each wood plate measured about 1″ thick. Each slab was engraved with special engraver’s tools known as burins. When the engraving was finished to satisfaction, it was inked up with black ink. The inked boxwood plate was pressed onto a high quality piece of paper. After the ink dried, the water color illumination was added by hand.

Antique Owl Engravings by Morris

Owls by Morris include: the Hawk Owl, Mottled Owl, and the Snowy Owl. By the way, I feel anyone is TRUELY PRIVILEGED to see an owl in the wild. And especially privileged to have one on their property. Each old hand colored engraving measures about 6 1/2 x 10″. Excellent condition with bright water coloring.Click here to contact us.

Hand colored Owl engravings from 1890.

These old owl prints Morris were published in 1890. These English hand colored wood engravings were produced by Reverend F.O. Morris, and no kidding, his entire congregation. He loved birds, apparent by the illustrations he authored on birds, published books on bird, eggs and nests.

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Raptors by Francois Martinet.  18th Century Hand Colored Engravings!

Raptors Birds of Prey.  Francois Martinet Raptors.  Hand colored copper plate engravings from 1770-1783. Here we are delighted to offer for sale the work of Francois Martinet. These are some of Martinet’s birds of prey. Martinet produced the finest work the French ever produced on birds. He along with a staff of 70 worked in an endless endeavor for THIRTEEN years to produce this astounding, monumental work on birds.   The engravings are incredible authentic antiques.  The engravings were produced from 1770 to 1783. They are water colored copper plate engravings, that were printed onto a  high quality, hand made hand laid rag paper. The highly detailed water coloring was added at the time the old bird prints were published.   Each  print measures about 8  1/2 x 10″.  The prints are in superb condition and color! Click here to contact us.

Raptors Antique Lithographs: Naturgeschicte der Vogel Mittelemopas

Antique Chromo lithographs by Keulemans published in 1895 by Gera – Utermhaus. Coming from “Naturgeschicte der Vogel Mittelemopas” published in Germany c. 1900.   Click here to contact us.

Raptors Birds of Prey. We are pleased to offer for sale, bird prints pertaining to our personal favorite subject: Birds of Prey. All the images you will see here are old engravings & lithographs, produced over 100 years ago. Subjects include owls, hawks, falcons, eagles and vultures. Although incorrect, my antique prints of crows have been added here… Some of the illustrators of the 18th and 19th Centuries that we have include Dresser, Buffon, Pennant, Gould, Martinet and other ornithologists. All of our prints at Anne Hall Antique Prints are guaranteed antique. We sell no reproductions!

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