historic Boston history artwork

The historic Boston History artwork you can buy on this website will set your space apart from others.  It is perfect for an antique home, office or den.  When use decorate with antique lithographs and hand colored engravings of Boston you are preserving history.

Antique lithographs & antique engravings of Boston

Boston history revealed by the means of periodic subscriptions to magazines, newpapers and books all of which was published during the 1800’s. All of these old images are actual early pictures of Boston around year 1900.  Consider antique lithographs engravings of Boston in your historic reclaimation.

19th Century Boston Was News!

These early depictions recorded everything curious or historic or newly discovered.  As the scenes were depicted, they were being engraved and printed.  Thus was 19th Century news!   That equals today your find:  historic Boston history artwork.   We have old historical engravings and lithographs, including maps, views, scenes & of famous landmarks in and around the Boston area.

Many of the antique engravings come from illustrated newspapers and records including Harper’s Weekly, Gleason’s,  Ballou’s Pictoral, and the Illustrated London News. This is antique art at it directly pertains to Boston, Massachusetts. Included here are historically important views of the City of Boston and its outskirts. All of these old engravings and lithographs, came from a from a variety of publications, newspapers and periodicals. Vintage engravings, the real thing. These are not reproductions but original illustrations for periodicals such as Harper’s Weekly and Gleason’s Pictorial Magazine.

We have old scenes, (called views) of the Boston Public Library, Quincy Market and Bunker Hill. An old engraving depicting a women casting her first vote in Boston. The first time a woman was allowed to vote. That made Boston History. Historic and important! These are the actual images people were seeing nationwide, at the time these historic events in Boston were taking place. Beautiful professional water coloring has been added to some of the images, enhancing the look of the print and its value.

Why not love historic Boston history artwork?

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