Maria Sybilla Merian Europe 19

Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Europe  Pl. LXXXII.



Maria Sybilla Merian Insects of Europe  Pl. LXXXII

Insect Prints: Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian! Rare Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings on Rag. Published 1730.
Insects of Europe by Maria Sybilla Merian. This AMAZING work on European Entomology was published in Amsterdam in 1730. Maria Sybilla Merian was the first person, let alone a pioneering woman, to explain through these stunning illustrations, the transformation stages of butterflies, moths and other insects. Her work on butterflies and moths on Insects of Europe was revolutionary, changing Medieval thought forever. This incredible woman lead this significant discovery, and to proved the stages of the transformation to the male dominated world of science. Up to this time, it was thought that butterflies were birthed from various sources, rather than cocoon or pupa. She was enthralled with insects at a very young age. She collected insects and studied them. She was not allowed to work in oils as a woman (only men were permitted) she worked in water color. These insect prints are highly detailed. A huge influence on her life passion for creating these remarkable insect prints: her step father was a publisher!
These old insect prints are rare hand colored (water colored) copper plate engravings on hand made, hand laid linen rag paper. They are small, measuring about 7 x 8 1/4″ each.