Sea Shells Knorr PV.XXV | Hand-Colored Antique Shell Engraving


George Wolfgang Knorr’s Sea Shells Knorr PV.XXV. A decorative hand colored,  copper plate engraving, of mussel and cone shell. Sourced from Knorr’s 18th century conchology work.  Beautiful hand made rag paper with strong impression & water coloring.   8 x 10″  Free US shipping.

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Sea Shells Knorr PV.XXV- Mollusk Shell Engraving.

Sea Shells Knorr PV.XXV.  George Wolfgang Knorr. A decorative 18th century hand-colored copper plate engraving of mollusks or mussel and cone shell. Published 1770-1771 Amsterdam.  The antique conchology illustration documented museum & private collections of mollusks including George Jacob Trew’s.

Accomplishments & History of GW Knorr

In the 18th century, George Wolfgang Knorr authored a remarkable book on seashells. His life like, hand colored, copper plate engravings are decorative & provided important conchology documentation to 18th century subscribers. Verlustiging der Oohen en van Geest of Verzameling van allerley Bekende Hoorens en Sculpen published Amsterdam 1770-1771 to supply the book demand in the Dutch language. Illustrated sea shells came “well known collections,” held in museums & in private such as George Jacob Trew’s.

Knorr lived 1705 through 1761. Born to a wood turner in Nuremberg, Germany. One of the earliest towns famous for printing & publishing. At 18 began the craft or art of copper plate engraving for illustrated books. Knorr interested in natural history, was an author, paleontologist, painter and successful art dealer. A very accomplished man in a short 56 year life. What are mollusks? Mussels & cone are bivalves.

Mollusks are soft bodied invertebrates. They have shells which serve as a valve. One shell is a univalve or two shells called bivalves. 18th century bookplates of sea shells such as scallop, murex, tulip, welk, clam, volute, olive, cowrie, nautilus & snail.  Thankfully the collections were recorded through these bookplates, preserving history for centuries to come.

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