Wilhelm Whales T.LXV. Mysticetus or Bowhead Whale

Wilhelm Whales T.LXV. Mysticetus or Bowhead Whale.

A lovely antique hand colored engraving published in Vienna Austria from 1810-1811. In super condition. This small Austrian hand colored copper plate engraving, from the early 1800’s, was printed on hand made rag paper.  It is a historic portrayal of whales and whaling history 200 years ago.  Published for Gottleib Wilhelm 1801-1820.  Engraved by JJ Schmuzer.  There are some minor imperfections due to age, but is in excellent condition overall.  Paper size measures 4 3/4 x 8″  with the image size 4 x 6 1/2″.



Wilhelm Whales T.LXV.
Wilhelm Whales T.LXV. Mysticetus.

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