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Fruits, Vegetables. Old Lithographs

  • Profitable Farm Magazine Fruit and Vegetable Prints

    . Coming from an early English publication entitled the “Profitable Farm” produced and individually issued on a monthly basis. Each old chromolithograph is dated around 1900. These are

    Fruit USDA Kinnard Apple

    Fruit USDA Kinnard Apple

    English chomolithographs of fruits and vegetables.  Each old print measures about 9×11″ and are priced $85.-135. each.
  • USDA United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Pomology Chromolithographs

    These USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) fruit prints with foliage were produced from 1885 to 1916. These are gorgeous old American agricultural print. They are chromolithographs. The colors and strong are delightful to look at! And in person, the colors are even stronger.  Each print measures about 5×8″ and are $75. each.  3 or more I will happily extend a 15% discount.

  • US Department of Agriculture Chromolithographs

    Old Fruit Prints: Including Apples, Oranges, Berries published by the USDA. These are old agriculture chromolithographs. These fruits are shown without leaves. These United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) fruit prints were produced from 1885 to 1916. These are gorgeous old Americana with strong color and are absolutely delightful to look at! The colors are even stronger in person. Each print measures about 5×8″ and are $75. each. 3 or more 15% discount.

  • Fruits Vegetables!  Old antique prints fruits and vegetables from the 1800’s.  Fruits and vegetables…  Culinary delicacies.  This is a great selection of old engravings and lithographs of fruits and vegetables.  We have old prints of apples, oranges & even mushrooms. These are colorful antique prints and will brighten your kitchen décor!   Some of the US Department of Agriculture chromolithographs include apples, oranges, mangos, corn & mushrooms. The USDA prints were produced around 1885 to 1915.  The US Government spent over 1 million dollars a year to produce the USDA reports that these chromolithographs came from. The USDA fruits and vegetables are colorful kitchen decor that is cheap and cheerful!  From a much earlier period, Elizabeth Blackwell’s work was produced c.1750. Her work is amazing.  The prints are water colored copper plate engravings on fine hand made hand laid linen rag.   Lets celebrate the harvest with old prints of heritage breeds of fruits and vegetables!  Apple & lemon prints.  All produced over 100 years ago!   And what do they say about the apple?  That an apple a day… 

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