Henry Stull American Thoroughbreds

If you are interested in the best American antique horse artwork then you should consider the Henry Stull American Thoroughbreds.   They are considered the most important work published on the subject.

Antique Equestrian Art:  Henry Stull American Thoroughbreds!

You couldn’t find better condition: vibrant colors, excellent strikes. Each antique chromolithograph measures 11×15″ and was tipped onto a heavy sheet of rag paper measuring @18×20″

Offered for sale at $750. each, discounts on sets.  Click here to contact us.

Fantastic Beautiful Antique Equestrian Artwork!

American Thoroughbreds!  These antique chromolithographs were published in Boston, Massachusetts in 1888. They are considered some of the most important antique prints ever published of American Thoroughbreds. These antique horse chromolithographs were published after the oil paintings Henry Stull. He is considered to be one of the best artists on Equestrian art. The prints themselves are uncommon antique horse prints.  Published in 1888 to celebrate the re known work on American Thoroughbreds. The Stull paintings of American Thoroughbreds are considered some of the best ever done on equestrian subjects. Only one person or museum could own an original painting, therefore these striking chromolithographs were produced, so the fine art of the painter, could be enjoyed by the enthusiastic crowds of “horse people.”

Antique Chromolithographs of American Thoroughbred Horses

In this antique printing method, an individual slabs of limestone were specially tooled and processed, known as lithographs, one for every color depicted. In the antique printing method known as chromo-lithography, every color seen in the final art work had it’s own key stoned limestone plate. Each color was applied with individual key stoned lime stone plates. From the lightest to the darkest colors. It was extremely laborious. Hence another antique printing method. As you may imagine that the registration would have to be perfect. The colors had to be exact.