Song Birds, Perching & Bird Feeder Types

Song birds, perching & bird feeder types. 18th & 19th Century antique lithographs & antique engravings of woodpeckers by Martinet, John Gould. Here are common types of perching birds you may find at a feeder including robins, finches.  And though not quite right: crows & ravens.

John Gould Antique Lithographs of Perching Birds & Bird Feeder Types

John Gould had a passion for Ornithology.  As a result he collaborated and directed world class works on birds. His work dates from 1832-1888. Therefore, all of the antiques you are viewing are about 150 years old. Gould’s birds had to be completed by his associates. He passed in 1888.   Issued in parts by subscription.  Published in London, England.  Below is a selection of John Gould original hand water colored lithographs.  Each illustration is in excellent condition with bright and original 19th century watercolors.   Since these antique lithographs are first editions, the measurements are 14×22.” Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order. Click here to contact us.

Magnificent & Decorative John Gould Magpies!

A pair of framed John Gould Hand Colored Lithograph from Birds of Asia. c.1860. Outstanding archival framing.  Each piece measures 30×36″ A third center piece is also available. Sold as a pair. Call 413-245-4197 to speak with Anne. 

Top Picks for Birders:  Early 19th Century Engravings of a Crow & Raven.

This beautiful pair of early 19th Century water colored engravings was published in England by John Prideaux Selby from 1817-1834 on water marked J. Whatman paper.  Selby Raven Hand Colored Engraving & Selby Carrion Crow Engraving.  $3500. for the pair.  Each piece measures 19 1/2 x 23 1/2.”

Song Birds:  Framed Woodpeckers by Francois Martinet & Compte de Buffon 1770-1783

Sourced hand-colored engravings from 18th century books entitled Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux. Francois Martinet worked for George Leclerc Compte de Buffon. Together they published these rare ornithology prints with a staff of 70, over a period of 13 years.  The later, Buffon,  was in charge of the King of France’s Royal Collections of a scientific nature.  Each antique woodpecker engraving was printed onto hand made hand laid paper from 1770-1783.  The water color illumination was added at the time of production.  We have framed them in solid wood burl with high end archival materials.  Archival double matting is crème on crème, with just the slightest hint of butter cream. Each piece measures 17 x 20.”  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 or email Anne:

Martinet Red Headed Woodpecker or Pileated Woodpecker
Martinet & Buffon
French hand colored copper plate engraving from 1770-1783.

John Gould Antique Lithographs of Perching Birds & Bird Feeder Types

John Gould had a passion for Ornithology.  As a result Gould produced world class works on birds from 1832-1888.  Gould’s birds had to be completed by his associates.  After his death until 1888.   Issued in parts by subscription,  which were published in London, England.  Below is a selection of John Gould original hand watercolor lithographs.  Each illustration is in excellent with bright and original watercolors. Each piece measures 14×22.” Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to place your order or Click here to contact us.  

Francois Martinet. French Engravings from Histoire Naturelle des  Oiseaux 1770-1783.

The famous French Ornithologist Francois Martinet had an intense interest in birds in the 18th Century.  Consequently Martinet produced one of the finest works the French ever published on Birds.  He employed a staff of 70 people.  Still the work took some 13 years, from 1770-1783 to complete. These are French water colored copper plate engravings. The colors are bright and will enhance your home’s décor.  Each old engraving of song birds & bird feeder types measures @9×12.”  $200. each or specially priced at $175. each when you purchase 3 or more.

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Reverend F.O. Morris Song Birds. Hand Colored Wood Engravings from 1890.

This is the work of Reverend F.O. Morris.  These old engravings are of song birds & bird feeder types from 1890. They are English hand colored wood engravings.  A “birder”  Reverend and his congregation, collected the specimens, and created this encyclopedic collection about Ornithology. Measurements: 6×9″, and will mat up to @ 9×12″ or 11×14.”  Available and priced at only $75. each. Click here to contact us.

Song Birds! Woodpeckers by Morris! Charming Hand Colored Engravings from 1890.

Song Birds!  These are antique Woodpecker prints by F.O. Morris from 1890.  Each is an English water colored engraving.  It’s one of my favorite birds at my bird feeder… WOODPECKERS!  Each old print measures about 6×9″  and will frame up perfectly to 9×12″ or 11×14.”

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Raven & Crow Framed! 1890 Reverend Morris Hand Colored Engravings.

1890 English water colored wood engravings by Reverend F.O. Morris.  Each piece measures 12×15″ are ready to hang and have archival framing by Anne. $400 for the pair.

Song Birds & Bird Feeder Types by Jacob Studer.  Birds of North America.

Jacob Studer’s Birds of North America was published in Philadelphia, 1865-1885. These are lovely old chromolithographs of birds we would love to see… Bird Feeder Types including pileated woodpeckers!  And the IVORY BILLED WOODPECKER!  We even an old print of Cardinals!  Click here to contact us.

The North American Baltimore Oriole by Prang!

A Lovely American Chromolithograph published 1885 in New York by the father of American lithography: Louis Prang. Striking intense colors used in the obsolete printing method.  Good registration and excellent condition.@9×11 $85.

Nests-Eggs Antique Ornithology Engravings by Nozeman, Gentry & Morris!

Bolton Birds Nests Eggs from Harmonia Ruralis 1821.

Pretty song birds.  Perching & Bird feeder types.

All of our song bird lithographs & engravings published pre 1900. Antique prints of robins, finches, woodpeckers, titmice, thrushes and other pretty little birds. Bird feeder types.  Large John Gould hand colored lithographs date from 1860-1880. The works by John Gould and John Audubon, and others. Even our cheap and cheerful Morris birds are antique 1890 hand colored engravings! Antique engravings & lithographs of song birds by ornithologists including Gould, Morris, Gentry & Audubon. Song birds: robins, finches & woodpeckers, titmice…

A favorite subject of ours is old prints published 1640-1900 of little birds that can sing the prettiest tunes…   They include Song birds John Gould, and J.J. Audubon…  Pretty birds you might see at the bird feeder and other perching types.  Antique hand colored lithographs and engravings of woodpeckers, thrush, titmice, sparrows and finches.  Ornithologists include F.O. Morris, John Gould, Jacob Studer, and Thomas Gentry.   

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See pileated woodpecker footage that I took.

I live to see wildlife and have been fortunate enough to catch some great footage on film including these woodpeckers. The video is of two pileated woodpeckers courting one another.  It went on nearly an hour and caught our interest forever. Duration: 5 minutes long. Please give it a thumbs up. Thanks for learning more about these incredible woodland birds.