Monkeys by Buffon-18th Century Antique Singe Engravings

Explore our galleries of 18th century antique art of singes, or monkeys by Buffon. They have so much character! Dedicated to a curious French naturalist named George Leclerc Compte de Buffon, the antique singe engravings, published in many editions, over decades. The exquisite expressions of the mammals, are some of the best by any naturalist.

Buffon’s Monkeys | Histoire Naturelle Engravings from 1749-1761

Published in Paris c.1749-1761, these 18th century engravings, are sourced from George LeClerc Compte de Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle. The natural history encyclopedia included these charming mammals. Watercolors have been added professionally, to each copper plate engraving, on laid rag paper. There are strong platemarks, where the copper-plate engraving, hit and stamping into damp paper. Each piece of paper  measures 8×10.5″ with an image size @6×8″ $175. each. Call or Email to place your order with Anne at 413-245-4197 or

Charming 18th Century, Compte de Buffon Singes:

This set of singes, has slightly different watercolors. Produced in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761, these gorgeous antique engravings of monkeys, are nearly 250 years old.  This collection are hand-colored and were printed in black, from copper-plate engravings. Each of the antique singe engravings, boasts with character!  Measurements:  8 1/4 x 10 1/2.”  Priced at $175. each.  or 3 or more at $150. each.  Click here to contact us. 

Framed, exquisite & small, hand-colored monkey engravings.

Antique monkey prints ready to hang in lovely hand tooled wood frames.  This collection of antique singe engravings was produced by George Leclerc Compte de Buffon.  Buffon was a famous French naturalist with endless amounts of inherited wealth.  Consequently he published in depth works.  Publishing costs were of no consequence to him.

This small rare German edition of singes was published c.1800.   Hand-colored copper-plate engravings, on hand-laid linen rag paper.  Sourced from a rare German edition, adorned with exquisite original watercolors.   Each framed piece measures 10 x 12.”   Priced at $200. each. Click here to contact us.

George Le Clerc Compte de Buffon Singes

This collection of Compte de Buffon singes are available to buy now. Each piece published in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761. These gorgeous, antique engravings of monkeys by Buffon. They are hand-colored, printed in black ink from copper-plate engravings.  Each George Leclerc Buffon monkey measures  8 1/4 x 10 1/2.”   Priced at  $165. each. Click here to contact us. Complement Your Collection with Buffon African, Asian & Indian Animals

A collection or set of three framed, Buffon Monkeys, 1st edition engravings

A collection of three framed, 1st edition Buffon antique monkey engravings.  The illustrations are wonderful depictions dating to the mid 18th Century and published in Paris and Amsterdam from 1749-1761.  Each old hand colored engraving has archival framing, complete with double rag mats and UV glass.  The molding is a honey burl, solid wood frame with a satin finish. Sorry this set is SOLD but I would be happy to provide you with a customized framed set of your own! Click here to contact us.

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of Buffon monkeys. They are original, 18th century monkey engravings, about 250 years old. Some are framed & ready to hang.  Sourced from Compte de Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle.  Our collection of,  Compte de Buffon singes, published across Europe, in the mid to late 1700’s.  Early naturalists were fascinated with the, human like creatures. Thus antique monkey engravings, published to index and record the scientific data.

Test your French and learn more about wild macaques by viewing National Geographic Wild France coverage of  Le Macaques de Buffon-Wild France. Find out so much more about Gibbons, or long-armed monkeys here: Gibbon Conservation Center​ – Home (

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