Oology Nests Eggs

Oology Nests Eggs. We sell original 18th & 19th Century antique ornithology lithographs & hand colored engravings which feature birds nests eggs.

The study of birds nests eggs is “Oology”

Our collection of rare 18th and 19th century ornithological illustrations, include the famous artwork of Bolton, Nozeman and Morris.  Some of the antique prints are hand colored antique lithographs while others are hand colored engravings.

People were fascinated about birds during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.  Museum curiosities with collections of oology nests eggs and other specimens were very popular.  They were filled with the people wanting to see what kind of birds were being discovered world wide.

18th & 19 Century bookplates featured nests and eggs.

Bookplates were popular and books were commissioned to illustrate bird’s with their nests & their eggs.  The beautiful illustrations in 18th and 19th Century books of oology nests eggs were produced using antique printing methods such as engraving and lithography.  The prints were pulled from printing presses and then frequently illuminated by hand with water colors.

Fabulous artwork with a modern feel.  Artists perspectives and their final depictions transformed books into lifelike representations of actual speciments. The book plates of oology nests eggs were different and fascinating to all.  This simply created a higher demand for more great bird books to be published, so that everyone could study the subject.

At Anne Hall Antique Prints it is our goal to help you find the perfect combination of nests and eggs.  We offer superior customer service with personalized ideas for your decorating project.  Anne wants you to be as excited about antique prints as we are.

We will provide you a certificate of authenticity with your purchase will include  pertinent information about your nests and eggs or other prints you decide to have.  When you buy antique lithographs or hand colored engravings from us you are buying from a 2nd generation American antique prints dealer.

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