Chickens Green Slate 1


Framed in green slate from Vermont, an antique lithograph from 1897. Scene depicts two pair of hens and roosters, in white and buff colors. Chickens Green Slate 1 $165.

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Chickens Green Slate 1, is in a Vermont picture frame. The colorful scene depicts, two pairs of hens and roosters, in white and buff colors. The  antique lithograph itself, comes from the benchmark on breeding poultry. The German chromolithograph published 1897, which I framed in a stunning, Vermont green slate frame.  Each piece measures 8 1/4″ high x 10 1/4″ wide.

The antique poultry lithographs, from this series, are very desirable because of, the quality of the color lithography. Most notably, is that the colors are intense and beautiful. Published as a poultry breeder’s catalog by Kramer in Germany in 1897.  Today the encyclopedic collection, of antique prints of chickens and roosters, is a benchmark of breeding poultry.  A salesman would WOW his customer, the farmer with this beautiful lithographed catalog with striking images, of chickens and roosters, and then the farmer would place his order.

These small chicken and rooster lithographs, over 100 years old, are absolutely brilliant in colors.  Exemplary, of printing in colors by limestone plates, in the lost art of “Chromolithography.”  In this process, each and every color was applied, in a separate process, from key stoned limestone plates. Sequentially from lightest to darkest colors.  Each color represents a different limestone plate, used for that color.  The talented lithographers were exceptionally skilled, which is well represented throughout the series.

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