Framed Antique Fern Lithograph10


Framed Antique Fern Lithograph10. Ready to hang! 19th Century color lithograph. E.J. Lowe’s Ferns English & Exotic. Solid wood frame, high quality glass,  7 1/2 x 12″.  Call Anne for personalized service & helpful ideas at 413-245-4197.


Framed Antique Fern Lithograph10. Ready to hang! 19th Century vintage fern lithograph from E.J. Lowe’s Ferns English & Exotic.  The lifelike antique fern lithographs, published 1854 to 1875 in England. The Lowe fern prints framed are called chromolithographs. Each & every color was applied with  individual, key stoned limestone plates. The lithography has bright intense colors.

Great condition. Each finished piece measures @ 7 1/2 x 12″, is fitted with high quality glass and solid wood picture frame molding.  $85. each with free US shipping.  $75. each on sets of 3 or more. Call Anne for personalized service at 413-245-4197.

Bring Nature into Your Home with this Framed Antique Fern Lithograph10

Antique Lowe fern prints framed look great in large groupings.  One hung over another in narrow spaces between windows,  or stacked in trios flanking doorways. Live with nature and preserve a little bit of history when you decorate with Framed Antique Fern Lithograph10.  When you decorate with framed fern botanical prints you will be surrounding yourself with nature that was recorded over 150 years ago.

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Sourced from E.J. Lowe’s Ferns English & Exotic 1854-1875

Sourced from E.J. Lowe’s Ferns English & Exotic, the antique fern lithograph was published in England from 1854 through 1875. The study included all species of known during that period both common and exotic species. Almost appearing as actual specimens, many people are surprised to find they are not pressed, because they look so real. They were actually produced by an antique printing method known as Chromolithography: chromo means color; lithograph means printed from limestone. Each and every color seen was applied with its own individual limestone slab which was key stoned just for that color.

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