Selby Ducks: Magnificent Hand-Colored Engravings, 1817-1834.

John Prideaux Selby Ducks are magnificent antique prints. The hand-colored, copper plate, engravings published London 1817-1834.  The life-sized depictions are on J. Whatman paper. Known as “The Audubon of Great Britain” and titled Illustrations of British Ornithology.

Selby – Life Sized Bird Engravings – “The finest work published on British Ornithology.”

This collection of John Prideaux Selby ducks, published in Edinburg Scotland and London England, from 1817-1834.  Coming from “The Audubon of Great Britain,” the books are titled Illustrations of British Ornithology.  Selby’s ducks are spectacular because the delineations are life sized and full of character. 

Each piece is in excellent condition. The original watercolors are exemplary.  Each hand-colored, copper-plate engraving, measures 21 x 26″ Click here to contact us!

Pair of Selby Anas Framed: 1817-1834 Antique Hand-Colored Engravings on J. Whatman Paper.

Coming from “The Audubon of Great Britain” entitled Illustrations of British Ornithology. The Selby ducks are spectacular because the delineations are life sized and full of character. Each piece is an exquisite hand-coloring copper plate engravings on a very special, heavy wove paper.

The paper is very special, each piece is a work of art itself. It bears a watermark of J. Whatman. Mr. Whatman was famous. It was he who manufactured the paper, for the first edition elephant folio of, Birds of America by John James Audubon in 1835. 

While each antique engraving measures 21 x 26,” they are finished to 33 x 28.” I have used the highest quality archival materials and framed them in stunning burl wood picture frames. This set is sold.

J. Whatman Paper & What it Means:

Each of our Selby Ducks are pieces of art from years ago. The exquisite hand-colored copper-plate engravings, are on heavy wove, J. Whatman watermarked paper. The paper maker, J. Whatman, manufactured the paper for the first edition elephant folio Birds of America, by John James Audubon, in 1835.  This is what makes the John Prideaux Selby birds known as the “Audubon” of Great Britain.  Thank you for visiting our website! Contact Us