Nov 172016

Audubon Mice. Set of three framed Audubon Mice prints. These three prints are Audubon mice. Three of his best illustrated with food. Published during 1854 to 1855. The work is entitled Vipaparous Quadrupeds of North America.

These old prints of mammals are water colored lithographs that were completely produced from 1854-1855. They are 1st edition octavo edition mammals. I am selling the three of these framed as ONE set for $1250. shipped, they are framed right to conserve them in no less than stunning, high end gold leaf frames over red paint. Each framed Audubon measures about 17″ wide by 13″ high. An exemplary, outstanding trio of the Author’s work. Click here to contact us.

The illustrations of JJ Audubon’s Mammals, or his Quadrupeds of North America are important as they documented the animal life in North America in the early 1800’s. How were they published? The illustrations were transferred onto a specially crafted flat piece of limestone. What adventially would be in relief was drawn in with a kind of a greasy crayon. It took tremendous skill to be a lithographer. One would serve an apprenticeship for years before becoming a lithographer. If you were not good, you would never work for a major firm. Your job depended on your skill. Once finished with meticulous detail, the limestone plate was emerged into nitric acid. The nitric acid burned away the parts of the limestone that was not protect extend by the greasy crayon. The plate was cleaned off, inked up and printed in black ink. The porosity of the limestone had to have a just the right consistency and posits for printing purposes. The coloration was added professionally by hand at the time of production, back in 1855.

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