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Equine Equestrian: You have found our unique paper collection of horses. Where all the prints are antiques, from the 1600’s through the 1920’s. Our antique lithographs & hand-colored engravings, come with rich histories, about the subjects themselves, and how the art came about.

A pair of vintage foxhunting lithographs, in their original frames.

These equine & equestrian, foxhunting lithographs, are antiques over 100 years old, are in their original wood frames, and date to c.1900. Both piece are active foxhunting scenes. One scenes is of four horses & riders, chasing the fox, in redcoats, eleven dogs and hounds. The other piece has five horses & riders, with twelve dogs and hounds. Each piece measures 18×22″ $425. for the pair. Plus shipping, in America only. Call Anne at 413-245-4197, to place your order.

Examplary of the craftsmanship, in the lost art, of early color or chromo-lithography. In this antique equine equestrian foxhunting litho, each of the colors, had an individual limestome plates, in which the inks printed.

Exemplary of the craftsmanship, in the lost art, of early color or chromo-lithography. In this antique equine equestrian foxhunting litho, each of the colors, had an individual limestome plates, in which the inks, printed onto the paper.

A Pair of Duke of Newcastle Equestrian Engravings, from 1737.

We love this pair of Duke of Newcastle dressage engravings. They published in England during the 1730’s.  The rare copper-plate engravings, on hand-made rag paper, with modern watercolors.  The exquisite renditions come from the most famous work published on Dressage.  Each piece measures 16 1/2″ wide x 13 1/2″ high.  Sold as a pair $1750.  Call Anne at 413-245-4197 to order.

Newcastle Dressage: an 18th century, copper plate engraving, on hand-made rag paper.

A magnificent antique engraving, nearly 300 years old, showing the Duke of Newcastle, in the middle of a ring of many horses, seated and rearing up to the Duke, and the Gods are paising as well. A rare copper-plate engraving, on hand-made laid rag. Published in England during 1737-1743. @ 19″ wide x 16″ high.  Below, the engraving shown in it’s original state, printed in black and white, without watercolors, and folded, as issued, double folio.

Spectacular dressage horse engraving from the 18th century of 11 trained stallions rearing in unison honoring the sport.
Magnificent Newcastle Equestrian Engraving, copper plate on hand made rag. Published c.1743. @ 19″wide x 16″ high.
Private Collection

Set of Four Merian & Johnstonus 17th Century Antique Horse Engravings

350 year old, engraved frontice piece with a centaur  sourced from Johnston Merian book.

Mathias Merian was hired as an engraver by Johannes Johnston (also known as Johnstone and Johnstonus), a medical doctor in Nuremburg, Germany, in the early to mid 1600’s. Mathias Merian was considered one of the leading engravers of the day. He came from a prominent family of engravers and artists.

These antique equine engravings by Mathias Merian, published 1646 Nuremburg, Germany. He was a famous publisher, as well as an excellent copper-plate engraver. Furthermore the antique copper plate engravings, printed onto fine hand-made, laid rag paper.

Each of these decorative antique prints are nearly 350 years old. they are copper plate engravings on fine hand made rag paper measures about 10×13″ 4 for $650.    Click here to contact us.

Cassell’s Book of the Horse:  Antique Lithographs of Equestrian Subjects

Carriage HorseHorses Cassell. This Carriage Horses Print comes from Cassell's Book of the Horse. An English antique chromolithograph. Printed by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Litho, 1885.

Equine & Equestrian prints – from Cassell’s Book of the Horse, published in England  c.1885.  These are lovely antique lithographs, of horses and equine & equestrian subjects. The book was published by Cassell, and lithographed by Vincent Brooks, Dat & Sons Lith., to perfection. In this kind of lithography, every color seen in the final art work, had it’s own limestone plate specifically made for that color.  

In all of these decorative antique prints,  each color was applied each in a separate process. Each color was applied, from a separate key-stoned, limestone plate or lithograph. Hence the word chromolithography. Chromo meaning color, lithography meaning printing from limestone plates.  The colors were applied from the lightest to the darkest colors. An antique printing method. Antique means over 100 years old. As you may imagine that the registration would have to be perfect in order to sell a book with pictures in focus, or registration, the colors had to be exact which ended up being extremely laborious and expensive to produce.

Each print measures 8 1/4 x 10 1/2″.  $125. each. Call Anne about a full set, or buy individual pieces. 413-245-4197 or click here to contact us.  

Antique engravings lithographs of equine & equestrian in nature:

Equine & Equestrian: Antique engravings and lithographs, sourced from early publications and periodicals, such as Harper’s Weekly, Illustrated London News, and Ballou’s Pictorial. Newspapers were popular. They quickly became prolific in the 19th Century.  Reading about current events became more interesting, with beautiful illustrations in the fom of engravings & sometimes lithographs.

Most are from newspapers, and are boxwood engravings. Some have watercolors. Others are color lithographs, whereas each and every color was applied with individual key stoned limestone plate. Call to place your order at 413-245-4197 or click here to contact us.

Small, antique engravings (160 years old) of famous race horses:

Small steel plate engravings, of famous racing horses, which are the winners of historic events. Printed in England, published 1860. Theses English equine equestrian engravings, are antiques and over 100 years old. Matted ones measure 8×10″ and are priced at $85. each. or 2 or more $75. each. Click here to contact us.

Framed George Buffon Antique 18th Century Hand Colored Engravings of Horses

These framed antique prints of horses published 1765-1804, for famous French naturalist’s George Leclerc Buffon’s Histoire Naturelle. These were a monumental work in which Buffon’s intent was to depict all known mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The hand coloring is original, beautifully applied with water colors. These antique prints were produced in Germany, by a process of copper plate engraving, printed onto handmade, hand laid, linen rag. I personally guarantee the authenticity. Framed, each measures, @ 9 x 11″

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Our old prints are antiques. All of our antique lithographs & engravings published over 100 years ago. Let us know what your specific interest in equestrian material is. Perhaps we can provide you with more options.

We have antique equine equestrian artwork by Cassell, Buffon. They are in the form of  old engravings and lithographs over 100 years old. Some of our antique prints are sourced from 19th century illustrated newspapers such as the American Harper’s Weekly.  We have 18th and 19th century, equestrian scenes, horseback riding schools, POLO and horse racing. Anne Hall Antique Prints is fairly priced and has a unique selection.  You can find me at the oldest horse show in the country: The Upperville Colt & Horse Show | The Official Website | Upperville, VA

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