Nests-Eggs Antique Ornithology Engravings, Antique lithographs & hand colored engravings by Nozeman, Bolton, Gentry, & Morris.

James Bolton’s Harmonius Ruralis! Nests-Eggs of Birds. Beautiful Hand Colored Copper Plate Engravings from England 1845.

Bolton nests eggs of birds from 1807.  Wonderful pairs of antique hand colored engravings depicting the nests & eggs of birds common to Great Britain.  These lovely old prints were published in London in 1807. Harmonia Ruralis was written as an essay about the natural history of British song birds, illustrated with life sized figures of the birds, male and female with natural attitudes. The prints are water colored copper plate engravings on a heavy wove paper. The colors are bright and vivid. There is some smudging, most will not be seen after framing, however, please see the photos. Each piece measures 9 x 11 1/2″ and are sold as Pairs.   One price for both prints.

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Nests Eggs of Birds by Cornelius Nozeman, Christian Sepp & Martinus Houttyn. Coming from Nederlandsche Vogelen Published 1779-1820.

Coming from a large full folio, the hand colored copper plate engravings, on fine hand made hand laid rag paper are exquisite. At the time of production the cost of the set was 525 Dutch Florins, $6000 in today’s currency, making it the most expensive book ever published up to that time.

Nests-Eggs Antique Ornithology Engravings…  Some of the most famous naturalists of the 18th Century collaborated in producing one of the finest works ever published on Ornithology: Nederlandsche Vogelen.   These Nests Eggs of Birds are the works of Cornelius Nozeman, Christian Sepp and Martinus Houttyn.  They are beautiful hand colored copper plate engravings on hand made hand laid rag and they measure 14.25 x 21″   to 15 x 21.5″

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The Nests Eggs of Birds seen above are the work of Cornelius Nozeman, Christian Sepp and Martinus Houttyn.   Some of the most famous naturalists of the 18th Century collaborated in producing one of the finest works ever published on Ornithology: Nederlandsche Vogelen. Also known as the Birds of the Netherlands. Remember the Netherlands included other trading posts those days.   These are  beautifully hand colored copper plate engravings dating from 1770-1829.  Prints are 14.25″ x 21″  Pricing on request.

Consider exquisite pochoir butterflies & insects.

Consider antique fern prints in your application.


The Fabulous Work of Thomas Gentry: Nests & Eggs of Birds of the United States

An affordable option for birds,  nests & eggs of  American species are these Thomas Gentry Chromolithographs.  Each color was applied with individual limestone plates.  This technique is an obsolete printing method used widely in the late 19th Century known as chromolithography.  Each antique lithograph measures about 9 1/4 x 12″    Click here to contact us.

Reverend Morris Nests, Eggs. English Hand Colored Lithographs, 1890.

Reverend Morris Nests, Eggs!! These are old English water colored lithographs produced by Reverend F.O. Morris and his congregation in 1890. They measure 7×10″ and run $75. each. Click here to contact us.

More Thomas Gentry Bird’s Nests Eggs.  Antique Lithographs. American & Antique!

Thomas Gentry Birds & their nests, eggs from 1882.  These  are American chromolithographs of American Birds and their nests. Each print measures @ 9 1/2 x 12″. The colors are intense and bright. Click here to contact us.

Reverend F.O. Morris Nests, Eggs!  Abstract Art: Antique Lithographs from 1890.

Antique Hand Colored Lithographs of nests and eggs! These are the work of Reverend F.O. Morris.  His Nests and Eggs of Birds were published in 1890. They are English hand colored lithographs.  This means they were printed from a limestone plate and water colored by hand.   Each  antique lithograph measures @7×10. Eggs run $35. each. Nests run $75. each.   Click here to contact us.

Oology is the study of Nests and Eggs of Birds!  These are old antique lithographs & engravings by F.O. Morris, Thomas Gentry, Nozeman and Bolton. Old antique bird engravings & lithographs of birds with their nests and eggs by early ornithologists.  Attention all bird watchers! Old antique engravings & lithographs of birds nests & Morris egg and nest prints. These bird nests & eggs were depicted by early ornithologists and oologists. All of these antique prints were produced from the mid 1700’s to 1900. Bird nests and the art of building a nest has always fascinated people. Bird nest engravings and lithographs illustrated by famous ornithologists including Morris, Hewitson, Gentry, Gould and Nozeman. Fascinated with eggs and nests wild birds? Antique prints of bird eggs & nests. Old engravings and lithographs of the avian world.  Antique bird nest prints by Morris from the 1890’s!  Antique bird egg prints by Morris. Hand colored antique bird nest and egg lithographs that are unique and affordable from Anne Hall Antique Prints!  Feather your nest… with old prints by Thomas Gentry, Reverend Morris and other ornithologists at Anne Hall Antique Prints! 

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A great identification resource, for Oology Nests Eggs, is Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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I am the owner of Anne Hall Antique Prints. My husband, Mark and I sell authentic antique prints on our website and at assorted shows and events around New England. We deal in paper antiques only. Our rare old engravings and lithographs produced from the 1580's through the 1920's. Many are hand colored. My love is nature and the natural world and the historic documentation of it. I am the daughter of William Hall, owner of Maps Old and Rare, Pacifica, CA and Kathleen Manning of Prints Old and Rare and Manning's Books and Prints.

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