Lizar Monkeys Antique Engravings

Charming William Lizar Monkeys antique engravings. The bookplates sourced from Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library, published Edinborough, Scotland 1833. Lizar Monkeys Feature Photo

Lizar Monkeys Antique Engravings from 1833

Charming steel plate engravings of monkeys with water colors applied by hand,  Edinborough, Scotland 1833. William Lizars of Scotland published this series of antique monkey prints for Jardine’s Naturalist’s Library in 1833. Each hand colored monkey engraving measures 4 x 6 3/4″.  Each piece is priced at $60. each.  You have the option to call me at 413-245-4197 to place your order or click and buy online.

Why were these William Lizar monkeys published?

William Lizar’s firm, located in Edinburgh, Scotland was proficient and in high demand for creating life like encyclopedic images of all of the natural history known at the time.  Once again it was a time of curiosity, finding new and undiscovered species.  It was almost a frenzy of curiosity in the least.  Sold by subscription for the masses to buy,  the immense series was published over a 40 year time period.

More about the creation of these antique engravings-

Steel plate engravings had the hardest surface that could used in antique printing method. A painstakingly amount of time and precision was needed when creating a steel plate engraving. The water coloring was added at the time of production by a professional staff of water colorists.  Believe it or not one of the hardest things to come by in producing something like this would have been the paper on which to print them.

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