Orchid prints… These are old lithographs of orchid species by Van Houtte & Linden. Old Flower Prints for Louis Van Houtteano’s famous periodical publication entitled Flore des Serres (1845-1888) and for competitor Jean Linden’s periodical entitled L’Illustration Horticole (1869-1896). These are lovely old hand finished color lithographs were published in Belgium from 1845-1896. It is said that Van Houtte had the largest nursery on the continent. Louis Van Houtte opened his own lithography firm in order to produce images of what was for sale in his nursery catalogs. Linden mearly was a copy cat, and not quite as good as Van Houtte. Yet they all work together beautifully. These old botanical prints of orchids have issue folds, so please inspect the photo carefully. Very good condition and color. Each old orchid print measures @ 9 1/2 x 13″

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