Framed Kingfisher Engraving


Framed Kingfisher engraving from 1789.   Published by subscription by Eighteenth Century Naturalists George Shaw and Frederick Polydore Nodder for The Naturalist’s Miscellany: or Coloured Figures of Natural Objects.  A monumental encyclopedic effort to record all Natural History known.

Historic Antique Printing Process:

Pulled from a press and published in London from the 1780’s to about 1805.  The original depiction the Naturalist composed was transferred onto a thin copper plate, engraved with burins and printed onto a high quality rag paper, while slightly damp,  followed water coloring by hand.  Coming from a freshly cut engraving, as the copper surface wore down quickly and could not be used after about 300 impressions.   It is hard to know how many antique prints such as this one offered here, are still around.

Framed Kingfisher Engraving Details:

Archival framing in fruit wood burl a double rag mat with a tiny hint of creme and UV glass.   Measurements:   11×14″



Beautifully framed Kingfisher engraving.

An 18th century framed kingfisher engraving. Hand colored copper plate engraving on wove paper from 1789 by Shaw & Nodder.  Published by subscription for The Naturalist’s Miscellany: or Coloured Figures of Natural Objects.  Archival framing 11×14″

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