Water Birds

Water Birds Antique Lithographs, Engravings. Loons Hand Colored Lithographs Engravings. Water Birds! Loons hand colored lithographs engravings. To hear the loon calling, something you’ll remember always. Water Birds ~ Loons… Here is an assortment of old engravings and lithographs, some are hand colored. The ornithological illustrations were executed by various early Ornithologists including Buffon, Meyers, Studer, Edwards, Dresser and Morris.

The Beauty of the Past

Every one of our antique prints of water birds is hand-picked by one of our expert art dealers. It is then carefully studied and validated to ensure that it is a true work of art. The pieces that we sell on our site are world-class finds which you won’t find anywhere else.

If you are a designer, a collector, a bird buff or lover, a decorator, or anyone else, you will love the antique prints we sell. Some of our antiques come with archival mats, glass, and frames. Others come without frames, so they can perfectly match whatever your interior design preferences are.

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If you see anything you like, or perhaps would like to inquire about something else we might have, contact us today. We are available by phone at 413-245-4197, or you can email us by filling out the form at this link.

Our antique prints of water birds are important historic ornithology records: antique hand water colored engravings and antique lithographs. Don’t wait: order your antique prints of water birds online now or call Anne at 413-245-4197 east coast America time.


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