Whale Wilhelm TLXXV Toothed-Early 19th Century Engraving


Toothed Whale Wilhelm TLXXV. A historic whaling depiction published in Vienna 1810-1821. Watercolor engraving on handmade paper. Measurements: 4×6 1/2″


Whale Wilhelm TLXXV Toothed

An early 19th century watercolor copper plate engraving from Austria. Whale Wilhelm TLXXV Toothed, published Vienna 1810-1821. The hardest thing to acquire to produce this antique print was the paper. It was literally made of rags. The whale’s teeth and spout are clearly depicted. Very good condition. Bright colors. Complementary shipping within the US.

Gottlieb Wilhelm: Austrian Naturalist & Artist.

Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm born 1758 through 1822. He was a Bavarian clergyman and naturalist from Augsburg. He was also an explorer and artist.

This rare antique print was produced from 1810 to 1821 in Vienna, Austria for Gottlieb Tobias Wilhelm. Engraved by Gottlieb’s brother Paul Martin Wilhelm. It is a copper plate engraving on hand made rag paper. The watercolor illumination was added when after the engraving was printed. Antique whale print by Gottlieb Wilhelm, 1810-1821. It is a miniature Austrian hand colored copper plate engraving. Believe it or not the hardest thing to come by was the paper on which they were printed. It literally was made of rags.

Why does this historic depiction of a Toothed Whale exist?

Mankind was in pursuit of whale oil.  London needed to keeps it’s streets lit. It was a time of curiosity. A time to find new undiscovered species. This ended when people discovered oil and developed kerosene. Fortunately, whales and whaling history received a lot of attention in the seventeen, eighteen and nineteen hundreds. Naturalists brought to life their depictions in the form of book illustrations.  During the 17th, 18th and 19th Centuries depictions were produced when whaling was critical to world commerce. They were drawn at the time at the time of the event. These paper antiques are part of history.

Supply & demand drove subscriptions. They were sold by subscription. Issued in parts, periodically as the work could be printed. Published and issued periodically. The series was encyclopedic in nature. Taking 11 years to complete.  Watercolors were added at the time of production. By a professional staff of water colorists.

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