Use antique wine lithographs & engravings in your restaurant, kitchen or dining room décor.

Simple Flowers: Antique Botany Prints.

Antique botany prints illustrated as simple flowers, (or not very elaborate ones), dating from the 1700’s and the 1800’s.

Lindenia Orchid Prints, Antique Lithographs by Jean Linden

Our Lindenia Orchid Prints are antique lithographs by Jean Linden and published in Belgium circa 1885 Coming from Iconographie des Orchidees.

Other Special Flowers: Magnolia, Hyacinth and Narcissus!

Antique lithographs and hand colored engravings sourced from 18th and 19th Century Botany publications

Azaleas and Rhododendrons Antique Lithographs in Vibrant colors!

Azaleas and Rhododendrons antique lithographs in vibrant colors! Date: 1845-1896. Azaleas and Rhododendrons Antique Lithographs from 1845-1896 Dating from 1845-1896.   Azaleas by Linden produced from 1869-1896 from Belgium. Van Houtteano’s  date to Belgium just a bit earlier from 1845-1888, also Belgian.    Exquisite and STUNNING in color and condition.  In the antique printing method called […]

Orchid Prints by Van Houtte & Linden. Antique lithographs for 19th century botany subscriptions.

I have additional orchid prints by Van Houtte & Linden. If you would like to discuss your project or see additional images, please email or just dial 413-245-4197.

Palms: Antique Palm Tree Prints, Lithographs & Engravings.

Antique prints of palms and palm trees. Old lithographs & engravings of palms will make your tropical art oasis! An old palm print 4 U! old prints of palms, palm tree prints, palm lithographs, palm tree prints, old palm prints, old palm tree pictures,

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